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24 August 2008

The girls can finally relax

Finally, after all the competitions, the girls could finally relax and go shopping and sight-seeing. Gazeta Sporturilor reports that they visited the Great Wall on Wednesday, starting off early at 8.30 in the morning and arriving at the Wall at 10. On the way up, they had a quick look in the shops but weren't too impressed. Only Steliana bought something, two tiny cuddly Panda bears, hugging!
After they came back down, they jumped into the mini-van and went back to the Olympic Village.
They were supposed to visit the Forbidden City on Thursday but because of the bad weather,
the trip was cancelled so the girls stayed in their room and were then spotted cheering during
the handball game Romania-France. The next day they were in the stands watching the canoeing.
On Tuesday they will travel back to Romania.

Gabi Claudia Dragoi, the pride of Buzau

Not much is known about Gabriela Dragoi, the tiny shy gymnast in the Romanian team that won bronze with the team. The only Romanian gymnast to make it into the beam final but for the people who know Gabi, for her family, there were tears of joy when they saw her on the rostrum receiving her bronze team medal because for them, she represents the future of Romanian gymnastics and she has done Buzau proud.

How did it all start? reports that Gabi entered the gym of Clubul Sportiv Scolar in Buzau with timid steps but the coaches noticed her talent. 'Gabi got used to it all after the first couple of training sessions. You could see her talent and it was in her blood to become a champion,'
says Costica Cliniciu, Gabi's coach at Buzau. Vice-champion from Montreal, Gabriela Trusca, coached Gabi since the age of 5 and says: 'From the start she worked a lot, 2 hours per day to start with and then 4 hours from then onwards. It's nice to know that someone followed in my footsteps because I won a medal at the Olympics in Montreal.

Gabi's mother: 'When I saw her on the podium, I felt so proud. A few hours later, she heard her daughter's voice as she rang her from China. 'She rang me in the morning and she asked me if I would organise a birthday party for her (Gabi's birthday is on the 28th of August). I told her
to look after herself and I wished her good luck for the beam final,' says Elena Dragoi, Gabi's mother.

Gabriela learnt from a young age to fight and work hard. Her father died before she started
school and her mother struggled looking after the 5 children. Elena Dragoi: 'We lived in a different village on the outskirts and she told me a lot of times that she wanted to go to the gym, just to get away from the atmosphere there and it was really difficult for her to get where she is
now. There were times when I wasn't even sure I could give her the food that an athlete needs. Maybe this has given her the ambition and she told me that she would do anything to get us out of poverty. She's now making some money from the sport but she has everything in an account that she keeps there.'

19 August 2008

Stela finishes 7th in bars final

Stela competed relatively well in the final, just a small error but it wouldn't have made any difference in the outcome, the other competitors had higher start values. For Gazeta Sporturilor, she said: 'I'm ok. Even without the mistake I wouldn't have made it onto the podium. I'm happy that I have gotten through all the competitions. I hope I can stay in the sport if my health
allows me to do so.'
Stela had to have 6 injections to relief her back pain but after the all-around, she felt well enough to not need them anymore. She also adds that the code will change and that will help
the Romanian team and she guarantees that the gold will be theirs in 2012 in London. 'Until now, between 2004 and 2008, it was really difficult for us but things won't stay like this!'

Transilvaniaexpress notes that when Stela started gymnastics at the age of 4, she was too young to realise what this sport meant. 'I only realised when I left home. It meant a hard
sacrifice and I have given up a lot to accomplish something in life and to be able to earn
She thinks that you have to be hard to get through life. Stela: 'Alongside that, ambition, mind and the will to do that what you have set out to do is very important.' She believes that you can not rely on just talent because you can lose that any time, it's better that you work hard.

Stela is planning to start at the University of Education and Sport in Sibiu in September and hopes to become a fitness coach or gymnastics coach one day.

Gabi Dragoi was the only Romanian in beam final and she performed a good routine. It will help
her in the future as it must have given her confidence to build on this performance on such a big stage. Unfortunately her start value is lower than the top gymnasts so she couldn't really compete for a medal but that will come in time.



1. He Kexin (CHN) 16.725
2. Nastia Liukin (USA) 16.725
3. Yang Yilin (CHN) 16.650
4. Beth Tweddle (GBR) 16.625
5. Anastasia Koval (UKR) 16.375
6. Ksenia Semenova (RUS) 16.325
7. Steliana Nistor (ROM) 15.575
8. Dariya Zgoba (UKR) 14.875


1. Shawn Johnson (USA) 16.225
2. Nastia Liukin (USA) 16.025
3. Cheng Fei (CHN) 15.950
4. Anna Pavlova (RUS) 15.900
5. Gabriela Dragoi (ROM) 15.625
6. Li Shanshan (CHN) 15.300
7. Ksenia Afanasyeva (RUS) 14.825
8. Koko Tsurumi (JPN) 14.450

17 August 2008

Sandra Izbasa is the Olympic Champion on floor

Sandra Izbasa has managed to win gold on floor with a superb routine. The wait must have been excrutiating for her as she was last up of all the competitors but she kept her cool. 'I carried an enormous pressure on my shoulders but I was very sure of my routine. I knew I could fight for a medal. I had a moment that I relaxed a little and things can go wrong then, but my concentration came back iin the last tumbling line,' said Sandra for

Nicolae Forminte, who was pacing up and down during her routine, nodding and clapping, must have felt the pressure too. 'Sandra is brilliant, I'm so happy for her. She has a really strong mind.
The results of our girls are really achieved by work and a lot of sacrifices. I hope we can get another two gold medals, we are still competing in two finals and we have high hopes,' said Forminte for

Octavian Belu: 'Nobody can beat Sandra, not Liukin, not another gymnast because they had a lower start value. Izbasa managed to control her emotions and I think that she performed the best floor routine of her career. She and the coaches deserve the congratulations for this performance. Sandra was the most exact, most precise, the most relaxed.' (Gazeta tv)

Shawn Johnson, silver medalist said: 'Sandra did really well. She had the greatest routine I have ever seen. She stuck all of her landings.'



1. Sandra Izbasa (ROM) 15.650
2. Shawn Johnson (USA) 15.500
3. Nastia Liukin (USA) 15.425
4. Jiang Yuyuan (CHN) 15.350
5. Ekatarina Kramarenko (RUS) 15.025
6. Daiane Dos Santos (BRA) 14.975
7. Cheng Fei (CHN) 14.550
8 . Anna Pavlova (RUS) 14.125


1. Hong Un Jong (DPR Korea) 15.650
2. Oksana Chusovitina (GER) 15.575
3. Cheng Fei (CHN) 15.562
4. Alicia Sacramone (USA) 15.537
5. Ariella Kaslin (SUI) 15.050
6. Carlotta Giovannini (ITA) 14.550
7. Jade Barbosa (BRA) 14.487
8. Anna Pavlova (RUS) 7.812 (vaulted while red light was on and received 0.000 for second vault)

15 August 2008

Nistor and Izbasa 5th and 8th in AA

After a thrilling competition, Nastia Liukin from America won the Olympic gold in the all-around competition with Shawn Johnson second and Yilin Yang third.
Steliana Nistor started her competion on bars and did very well, scoring a 15.975 which put her in the lead after the first rotation. Stela is clearly not in favour for the beam judges during these Olympics, being harshly scored from qualifications to the all-around so she lost ground on beam where she scored a 15.550 for a very solid routine, the only error was a wobble after her pirouette. She lost more ground on floor, where she stepped out of bounds and received a low 14.500. It seemed that she injured her foot after her DTY as she was icing it and was crying but she can be proud of herself for competing this well while she endured so many injuries.

Stela: 'I couldn't train due to health problems. If I hadn't had these problems, I would have performed routines of a higher difficulty. Because of the problems, I trained routines with a lower level of difficulty. It's ok that I finished in 5th place instead of 4th, to just miss out on the podium. If I would have finished 4th, I would have been more demoralised but before the competition, I was hoping to finish in 3rd place.'

Nicolae Forminte declared that the girls behaved correctly and it's all they can at the moment. Sandra did the best she could, she can't do more on bars at the moment. Stela, with her health problems, has performed the best competition up until now in Beijing and he told Stela that she hasn't got any reason to be sad.


1. Nastia Liukin (USA) VT: 15.025; UB: 16.650; BB: 16.125; FX: 15.525 Total: 63.325
2. Shawn Johnson (USA) VT: 15.875; UB: 15.275; BB: 16.060; FX: 15.525 Total: 62.725
3. Yang Yilin (CHN) VT: 15.175; UB: 16.725; BB: 15.750; FX: 15.000 Total: 62.650
4. Ksenia Semenova (RUS) VT: 14.750; UB: 16.475; BB: 15.925; FX: 14.775 Total: 61.925
5. Steliana Nistor (ROM) VT: 15.025; UB: 15.975; BB: 15.550; FX: 14.500 Total: 61.050
6. Jiang Yuyuan(CHN) VT: 14.825; UB: 15.875; BB: 15.425; FX: 14.775 Total: 60.900
7. Anna Pavlova (RUS) VT: 15.275 UB: 14.525; BB: 15.975; FX: 15.050 Total: 60.825
8. Sandra Izbasa (ROM) VT: 15.075; UB: 14.300; BB: 15.875; FX: 15.500 Total: 60.750

14 August 2008

Forminte: 'It's not a miracle'

After the team final, Gazeta Sporturilor spoke to Nicolae Forminte who explained that he had
faith in his gymnasts and although the competition was on a knife's edge, they kept their quality of being secure in their routines.
After floor he felt they would win the bronze medal and he said that winning the bronze wasn't a miracle. Forminte: 'No, it's not a miracle. It's work. A miracle is what this girl has done (he takes Steliana by the hand). She and Anamaria Tamarjan have recoverd in a short time and competed very well in Beijing.'

During the press conference after the team final, Nicolae Forminte stated that he was exhausted as he was under a lot of stress that day. He's pleased how things turned out. He didn't pay any attention to what the other teams were doing, he solely concentrated on what Romania had to do.
What does he expect from the individual finals? Forminte: 'Nothing at all. We're just going to keep on training. We'll participate in the finals and then we'll see.'

In her turn, Steliana said that it was a difficult competition and she knew beforehand that who ever wouldn't make big mistakes, would be on the podium. She wasn't too satisfied with beam
and vault and she thought she could have scored better on floor. Stela: 'I'm happy but I want another medal. God I felt really good, I didn't even feel any pain. We still have a chance in all the finals in which we take part.' (Prosport)

13 August 2008

Olympic bronze for the Romanian team

The Romanian team has done a fantastic job in winning the team bronze medal, beating their main rival Russia. The Russian team had to encounter falls of Pavlova and Grebenkova on beam and a big error on floor of Pavlova while the Romanian team didn't make any major errors during the finals.
Steliana received a 16.150 for her bars routine, the highest score for the Romanians.
After the competition, Steliana said that she would like to win another medal. 'We have dreamt about winning a medal in Beijing. We haven't let it slip any second during the final and we managed to do it. Now, for me, the all-around will follow and after that the bars final. I would like another medal, it doesn't matter which colour it will be.'
OnlineSport reports that Steliana knew that after beam, they would get on the podium. Stela: 'We have achieved this medal through a lot of work. After beam, I reckoned that we would win a medal. We were encouraged before the competition but the one who mobilised us all was Sandra Izbasa.'

Nicolae Forminte is happy with the bronze medal but says that there is a lack of coaches and gymnasts. Forminte: 'For our girls this was the best they could do, we lack a big number of coaches and a big number of gymnasts at the clubs who can be selected. The Chinese and Americans had this in favour and from here resulted also the other difficulties. We shouldn't
forget that three years ago, Romania didn't even have a team. Something like this has happened in America or China. They have had gymnasts who have competed at other Olympics, who have gone through the Olympic cycle together but the Romanian team changed from competition to competition.'

Octavian Belu: 'I was more nervous than when I was a coach.'

Octavian Belu mentioned that it was very important that Romania stays in the top of World gymnastics. Belu: 'I'm happy that the tradition continues, that's the most important thing in this competition. I congratulate the coaches and girls but I have to admit that I was more nervous during the last rotation and was far more emotional than when I was a coach. It's so much more difficult in front of the tv than being in the competition. I'm very happy because the girls have shown that there is hope for medals in the apparatus finals and in the all-around but the most important thing is that Romania stays in the top of World gymnastics.'

Simona Amanar: 'I hope for another 2 medals during the apparatus finals and all-around.'

Former gymnast Simona Amanar, triple Olympic champion, said that she was really happy with
the bronze medal and congratulates the girls and coaches.
Simona: 'I am happy for their result and I would like to congratulate the girls but also the
coaches. To have a high difficulty in a routine, you have to execute the elements. It's better to have a routine with a little less difficulty, than a difficult routine which can't be taken any
further. That's why I think that our girls were the only ones who didn't make major errors.'

Nadia Comaneci: 'It's the placing they deserve'

Nadia: 'The girls have done really well in comparision with the qualifications. They were sure of themselves and I think that they got rather low scores on beam because they didn't have the same errors as the Russians. It's the placing they deserve because China and America have routines with a higher start value than us. I'm so happy with this medal, that we have faith in
our girls and coaches, because we can get higher up with more work. We need 2 more girls with the same class as Steliana Nistor on bars, a gymnast with a better vault and on beam we need routines with a higher start value. At the moment, the girls are good but there are others who
are better than us.'

Mariana Bitang: 'It's pleasing that we kept on the podium, our girls have competed consistantly without major errors but the new system of code of points was an advantage for America and China. It's a good result and the collective has done everything possible to achieve the maximum at this competition. The new system of points puts value in difficulty and value of the routine. I think that we have to add these two things too and then we can fight on an equal level with the other teams. I hope from the bottom of my heart that gymnastics will again become the
standard bearer of Romanian sport and to continue the history of gold medals but for that it needs revitilization.'


1. China 188.900
2. USA 186.525
3. Romania 181.525
4. Russia 180.625
5. Japan 176.700
6. Australia 176.525
7. France 175.875
8. Brazil 174.875

Scores for Romania:
Steliana Nistor VT: 15.050; UB: 16.150; BB: 15.150; FX: 14.575
Sandra Izbasa VT: 15.100; UB:-; BB: 15.600; FX: 15.550
Anamaria Tamarjan: VT: 15.125; UB: 14.425; BB: 15.425; FX: 14.950
Gabriela Dragoi: UB: 14.425

12 August 2008

Sandra hopes to leave the Olympics with 2 medals

Although the Romanian team qualified 4th for the team final, Sandra Izbasa hopes to win a bronze medal with the team as she reflects on the qualification and said for Prosport: 'On beam I missed several links, I was tense before my routine on bars and I'm not all that satisfied, but the rest was ok. I would like to leave the Olympics with a team bronze and a medal on floor and with a place in the first 6 in the all-around.'

The line up for team final will be the following:
Vault: Steliana Nistor, Anamaria Tamarjan, Sandra Izbasa
Bars: Gabriela Dragoi, Anamaria Tamarjan, Steliana Nistor
Beam: Anamaria Tamarjan, Steliana Nistor, Sandra Izbasa
Floor: Steliana Nistor, Anamaria Tamarjan, Sandra Izbasa

Yesterday there were rumours started by the president of the Romanian Olympic Committee, Morariu, that Gabriela Dragoi would be replaced by Sandra Izbasa in the beam final.
Gabi Dragoi, who's from Buzau, worked so hard to make the team and was the only Romanian gymnast to qualify for the beam final.
Morally it wouldn't be justified and besides, it's not even possible that she would be replaced by Sandra because if Dragoi would be injured and can't compete, Shona Morgan would be the first reserve, not Sandra.
Adrian Stoica, the president of the Romanian Federation had the following to say about it: 'According to the rules of the FIG, if a gymnast has to pull out, the first reserve will enter the competition and this is not Sandra. We would be without a representitive in the beam final, something that we wouldn't have counted on. Maybe Mr. Morariu doesn't know the rules.'

Andreea Raducan gave an interview for Cotidianul and she is feeling the emotions as if she would be there, alongside the gymnasts in Beijing. She really wishes that the team will win a medal.
Andreea was commenting for Eurosport during the qualification and she felt more nervous commenting on their routines. 'Sometimes I felt like shouting, to encourage them like I would do when I would be in the arena or sitting in the stands but I realised that there are spectators who want to follow what is happening and they don't want to hear me cry out!'
Andreea felt all the emotions from 8 years ago (Sydney Olympics) during the broadcast but was also thinking of the gymnasts, the chance they have of representing Romania at the Olympics, a chance that they have worked hard for and she hopes that they can benefit from it and have results that they are proud of.

10 August 2008

Team qualification

Romania had to perform in the first group together with China, which was a shame as the tv was more focused on the Chinese routines and didn't show that many Romanian routines.
The girls looked tired though but did relatively well and qualified in 4th place. Steliana made the bars final which must be a real delight for her. Unfortunately Stela didn't perform well on beam and had a major wobble after her full in and didn't execute her pirouette properly so she misses out of the beam final but compatriot Gabriela Dragoi performed well and achieved the highest score of the Romanians on beam.
Sandra Izbasa did very well on floor and posted the second highest score on this apparatus behind Cheng Fei. In my opinion, Cheng Fei lacks the artistry that Sandra has in her floor routine as Sandra has a better combination of acrobatics and dance.
For Prosport, Nicolae Forminte said the following: 'The girls felt the tiredness of the last few days and the fact that we had to compete at a similar time, was a disadvantage for us. I'm satisfied with the performance so far but I think that we can do much better. There weren't any major mistakes in the executions and I hope to see another level in the final.'

Steliana and Sandra have also qualified for the All-around in 7th and 9th place.

Results of qualification for team final:

1. China 248.275
2. USA 246.800
3. Russia 244.400
4. Romania 238.425
5. Australia 235.450
6. France 233.875
7. Brazil 233.800
8. Japan 233.175

Romanian scores:

Steliana Nistor: VT:14.900; UB: 15.975: BB: 15.075; FX: 14.550 Total: 60.500
Sandra Izbasa: VT: 15.100; UB: 13.575; BB: 15.225; FX: 15.475 Total: 59.375
Andreea Acatrinei: VT: 14.350; UB: -; BB: 14.175; FX: 14.775 Total: 43.300
Andreea Grigore: VT: 14.700; UB: 13.975; BB: -; FX: - Total: 28.675
Gabriela Dragoi: VT: -; UB: 14.225; BB: 15.450; FX: 14.250; Total: 43.925
Anamaria Tamarjan: VT: 15.025; UB: 14.275; BB: 15.200; FX: 14.500 Total: 59.000

Steliana qualified for bars with a 4th best score of 15.975
Gabriela Dragoi qualified for beam with a 7th best score of 15.450
Sandra Izbasa qualified for floor with the 2nd best score of 15.475

9 August 2008

Steliana finds the bars difficult to work on

The gymnasts are in full preparation in Beijing, trying to adjust to the sometimes difficult conditions. It got so crowded in the training hall that they moved to the judo arena to continue their practise. The landing surface in the training hall is also quite hard so the coaches keep the repetition low to avoid injuries.
Steliana said the following for Romanian tv: 'The bars in the gym are really new and working on them is quite difficult. They have found something better for my back so I hope it will be ok.'
Cotidianul mentions that Sandra's ankle is giving her problems and she's icing her ankle every day. Steliana still struggles with back problems but she's gritting her teeth to fulfil her Olympic dream. Stela's mother said that she told her that they are massaging her back and it seems to help. The pain isn't that bad anymore and she's working hard to try and achieve her goal, a gold medal.
The authorities in Sibiu have given Stela a one bedroom apartment in a very good area in Sibiu which will be ready for her when she comes home from China.

Sandra was quite happy after the podium training, spending a lot of time on beam and floor as she feels they have the best chances on these apparatus. She's not frightened of the atmosphere as she feels that although they are in the same group as China, the public will applaud them too and there will be Romanians in the stands cheering them on. Her parents have travelled to Beijing to support her. (Sandra's parents follow her to the major competitions for support)
She watched the Chinese a bit during the training and knows they are very good and it will be a very difficult competition but she's her own biggest adversary but as long as she will concentrate and do the best she can and hopefully it will turn out perfectly.
She also adds that on the day of competition, they will have to get up at 5 in the morning. (Prosport)

FIG had the following quotes about the Romanians after podium training:
Romania on the other hand, third in Stuttgart last September, was not quite up to par with Steliana Nistor, 2007 vice world champion, who was bandaged above the hips. 'It's not too serious,' Nicolae Forminte was quick to reassure. 'As with many gymnasts using bandages to support their ankles or wrists, Steliana is using it to protect her back. Steliana had a number of small setbacks, nothing serious, but she isn't at her best today.'
Steliana's compatriot Sandra Izbasa added: 'We're confident. We worked hard today. Our team has just been renewed, and I spent time helping and advising the newer, less experienced gymnasts. We're not daunted by other countries, only by the size of the hall.'

The line-up for the team qualification will be the following:

Andreea Acatrinei
Andreea Grigore
Steliana Nistor
Anamaria Tamarjan
Sandra Izbasa

Gabriela Dragoi
Andreea Grigore
Anamaria Tamarjan
Sandra Izbasa
Steliana Nistor

Anamaria Tamarjan
Andreea Acatrinei
Gabriela Dragoi
Steliana Nistor
Sandra Izbasa

Gabriela Dragoi
Andreea Acatrinei
Steliana Nistor
Anamaria Tamarjan
Sandra Izbasa

26 July 2008

Small Update for the Olympics

It appears that the Romanian team will leave for Beijing tomorrow so they have enough time to get used to the time difference and strange hours at which they will have to compete. The team competition for instance will take place at 10 in the morning!
The Olympic delegation (of all sports) met with President Basescu today at Izvorani (near Bucharest) where he wished them all good luck. The gymnasts who were present there are: Steliana Nistor, Sandra Izbasa, Anamaria Tamarjan, Gabriela Dragoi, Andreea Acatrinei and Andreea Grigore. I'm not sure if this will be the final team selection but it appears so. That means that Patrascu did not recover quickly enough after her knee injury sustained in Clermont-Ferrand during the European Championships and Daniela Druncea has been left out of the team also.

Anamaria Tamarjan has made a remarkable recovery after her groin injury and she was training on all 4 apparatus again. She worked so hard to be able to make the team and that work has paid off. Nicolae Forminte said for Prosport that he was certain she would compete on bars, beam and floor and that they are trying to get her ready for vault as in the team final, they would like to line up three girls that can vault a DTY.

Sandra Izbasa has said that she does not regret having chosen gymnastics as a sport and she knows that doing high level sport, means sacrifices but it also brings satisfaction. Sandra about Beijing: 'Of course a gold medal would be the most important one but I am not starting with that pretention. I'm not going to think about medals or scores. If I perform how I know how to, the result will come.'

Hunedoreanul mentions that newspaper Prosport has donated 5 air conditioning units for the girls in Deva as the heat affected the gymnasts who couldn't rest properly in their over heated rooms. The chief editor of Prosport, Dan Filoti, mentions that they felt it was time to do something back as they feed off of the performances of the gymnasts and he's very happy he could help by donating the air conditioning units to help the girls during their preparation for Beijing.
Gabriela Dragoi: 'Before the units were put in, it was so warm in the room, like a sauna. Now it's fine, even when the sun is shining during the day it's cool. We have all the comforts to be able to rest well in between the training sessions.'

13 July 2008

Romania win in Germany

Romania has won the team competition against Germany, France and a mixed group in Schwabisch Gmund in Germany.
Without Stela and Sandra competing, the competition was much closer than it would have been.
Madalina Gutu was added to the team and did quite well but her difficulty is not at a high enough standard yet.
Cerasela Patrascu competed on bars and beam only and outside of the competition but had an absolute nightmare on bars where she fell several times. She did well on beam.
Anamaria Tamarjan only did vault and beam.
Gabriela Dragoi narrowly missed out on winning the competition and finished second.


1. Romania 231.25
2. Germany 230.15
3. France 225.80

Individual scores:

1. Marine Petit (Fra) VT: 14.40; UB: 14.25; BB: 15.35; FX: 14.60 Total: 58.60
2. Gabriela Dragoi (Rom) VT: 14.35; UB: 14.20; BB: 14.40; FX: 14.55 Total: 58.50
3. Andreea Acatrinei (Rom) VT: 13.95; UB: 13.55; BB: 15.10; FX: 15.25 Total: 57.85
4. Kristyna Palesova (Cze) VT: 13.95; UB: 15.25; BB: 15.05; FX: 13.40 Total: 57.65
5. Daria Bijak (Ger) VT: 14.00; UB: 14.75; BB: 14.50; FX: 14.25 Total: 57.50
6. Lenika de Simone (Esp) VT: 13.50; UB: 14.80; BB: 14.55; FX: 14.35 Total: 57.20

Other Romanian scores:
Andreea Grigore: VT: 14.55; UB: 13.65; BB: 14.85; FX: 14.50 Total: 57.55
Madalina Gutu: VT: -; UB: 13.95; BB: 14.80; FX: 14.20 Total: 42.95
Daniela Druncea: VT: 14.15; UB: 13.30; BB: -; FX: 14.45 Total: 41.90
Anamaria Tamarjan: VT: 13.70; UB: -; BB: 14.25; FX: -; Total: 27.95

12 July 2008

Romania will compete in Germany today

The Romanian gymnasts will face another test for the Olympics and this one will be decisive of who will be on the team for Beijing.
Steliana Nistor and Sandra Izbasa will not be traveling to Germany as the coaches already know what they are capable of but Forminte stipulates that they are not on holiday, they are in the gym training hard.
For Prosport, Nicolae Forminte said that there are many choices and first of all they will have a look how Anamaria Tamarjan is going to compete (she was injured) and they would like to see
how she does on bars and beam and maybe on vault but with a simple vault. Besides Anamaria, they are going to look how Cerasela Patrascu will compete on bars and beam and moreover, the competition will be another good experience for Acatrinei, Dragoi and Grigore but they will also see on whom they can count.

10 July 2008

Another win for Romania

Romania won the Mediterraneo Gym Cup in Rome over Italy and Brazil. Steliana Nistor only competed on bars as she was protected by the coaches. She only joined the team on the morning of departure as she still had to finish her exams, which she succesfully passed.
In her Baccalaureat exams Steliana scored 10's on Romanian language and literature (oral) also English language (oral) and of course a 10 in Sports, she finished with an average of 8.95 to place in the top 10 students in Deva.

Results team

1. Romania 235.900
2. Italy 230.500
3. Brazil 230.250

Individual results

1. Vanessa Ferrari (Ita) VT: 14.50; UB: 15.50; BB: 15.35; FX: 14.35 Total: 59.700
2. Sandra Izbasa (Rom) VT: 14.90; UB: 13.50; BB: 16.20; FX: 15.30 Total: 59.550
3. Jade Barbosa (Bra) VT: 15.10; UB: 14.45; BB: 14.45; FX: 14.55 Total: 58.550
4. Gabriela Dragoi (Rom) VT: 14.60; UB: 14.35; BB: 14.75; FX: 14.70 Total: 58.400
5. Andreea Acatrinei (Rom) VT: 14.45; UB: 13.55; BB: 15.30; FX: 14.80 Total: 58.100
6. Lia Parolari (Ita) VT: 13.95; UB: 14.70; BB: 14.75; FX: 14.45 Total: 57.850
7. Carlotta Giovannini (Ita) VT: 15.10; UB: 13.75; BB: 14.10; FX: 14.45 Total: 57.400
8. Andreea Grigore (Rom) VT: 14.75; UB: 13.80; BB: 14.25; FX: 14.40 Total: 57.200
10 Dana Druncea (Rom) VT: 14.80; UB: 13.25; BB: 13.75; FX: 14.35 Total: 56.150

Steliana Nistor got a 15.450 for her bars routine.