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30 March 2008

Team announced

The following gymnasts will represent Romania at the European Championships in Clermont-Ferrand (France): Steliana Nistor, Sandra Izbasa, Gabriela Dragoi, Cerasela Patrascu and
Anamaria Tamârjan.

The girls will leave for France today and there will be a training tomorrow. The schedule is as follows:
Tuesday 1st of April: training for seniors from 11.00 until 20.00
Wednesday 2nd of April: training for juniors from 09.30 until 18.30
Thursday 3rd of April: Qualification for seniors 10.00 until 20.30
Friday 4th of April: Competition and individual ranking for juniors 10.00 until 20.30
Saturday 5th of April: Team Final for seniors 16.00 until 18.00
Sunday 6th of April: Apparatus finals for juniors 10.30 until 12.50
Sunday 6th of April: Apparatus finals for seniors 15.00 until 17.30

I will be going to France and will write a report and put some photos up.

27 March 2008

Condemned to win

The Romanian team will leave for the European Championships in Clermont-Ferrand (France) on Sunday. Alongside Steliana Nistor and Sandra Izbasa, Cerasela Patrascu, Anamaria Tamârjan, Gabriela Dragoi and Daniela Druncea have the biggest chance of going but Nicolae Forminte specifies for Prosport that things are still not easy and there are still injury problems in the team.
The problem is caused by the chase for results, the continuous increase in difficulty in the routines, and comparing results from before his time. They are trying to find a middle ground of training effort but even so, Steliana and Sandra have managed to up their SV on some of the apparatus and on others they have managed to get some security in their routines.
Forminte stipulates that all girls have equal chances, the best and the ones in best form, who's progress is visible, will make the team. The team is closer than in Volos, in 2006.
He then explains that they can only go for gold as it's the only medal that counts. Last year he came back with 5 silver and 2 bronze medals and everybody started shouting that Romanian gymnastics was collapsing so they are condemned to win! He thinks that they could win 2 or 3 medals and their main rivals will be Russia and the Ukraine but the other countries can't be under-estimated either.

23 March 2008

Romania wins convincingly

The Romanian gymnasts had a good test again Greece, especially Dragoi seems to be developing into a good all-around gymnast, scoring well on all 4 apparatus.
As Nicolae Forminte mentioned that Cerasela Patrascu had work to do on beam and floor, she only competed on vault and bars but did well, especially on bars where she scored a 14.900.
Anamaria Tamârjan competed on 3 apparatus while Alina Stanculescu competed on beam and floor. Little Dana Druncea only did vault.

Team competition:
1. Romania: VT 42.300; UB: 43.850; BB: 45.950; FX: 43.950; Total: 176.050
2. Greece: VT 41.350; UB: 37.150; BB: 42.600; FX: 40.850; Total: 161.950

1. Gabriela Dragoi (Rom): VT 14.200; UB: 14.300; BB: 15.500; FX: 14.750 Total: 58.750
2. Victoria Tsakalidou (Gre): VT 14.500; UB: 11.450; BB: 14.600; FX: 13.850; Total: 54.400
3. Anamaria Tam
ârjan (Rom): VT-; UB: 14.650; BB: 14.900; FX: 14.650; Total: 44.200
4. Vasiliki Millousi (Gre): VT-; UB: 12.200; BB: 15.450; FX: 13.500; Total: 41.150
5. Vasiliki Georgakopoulou (Gre): VT: 13.250; UB: 13.500; BB: 12.550; FX:-; Total: 39.300
6. Alina Stanculescu (Rom): VT:-; UB:-; BB: 15.550; FX: 14.550; Total: 30.100
7. Cerasela Patrascu (Rom): VT: 14.800; UB: 14.900; BB: -; FX: -; Total: 29.700
8. Paschalina Mitrakou (Gre): VT: 13.600; UB: -; BB: -; FX: -; Total: 27.100
9. Daniela Druncea (Rom): VT: 13.300; UB: -; BB: -; FX: -; Total: 13.300

22 March 2008

Trial competition in Greece

A test competition will be held this weekend in Salonic, Greece. Prosport reports that Anamaria Tamârjan, Gabriela Dragoi, Cerasela Patrascu, Daniela Druncea and Alina Stanculescu will represent Romania. Nicolae Forminte explains that he has chosen for a young team so he can look at the progress that some of the girls have made and see what their form is at the moment and might
be able to select one or two of the girls for Europeans. Nicolae Forminte: 'I think that it's a good
test and in this way we give everybody a chance to show that they deserve to be selected for the team and most of all that the selection will be made on merit, that nobody has an assured place.'

Steliana Nistor and Sandra Izbasa will stay at home to continue training in Deva as they don't need to gain experience at a competition and he wants to protect them and they need time to work on the new elements, to repeat them.

16 March 2008

Provisional list for Europeans

Steliana Nistor (15 September 1989)
Sandra Izbasa (18 June 1990)
Cerasela Patrascu (23 December 1992)
Gabriela Dragoi (28 August 1992)
Anamaria Tam
ârjan (08 May 1991)

Coaches: Nicolae Forminte, Liliana Cosma and Lucian Sandu

Diana Chelaru (15 August 1993)
Ana Porgras (18 December 1993)
Loredana Sabau (14 March 1993)
Diana Trenca (10 January 1994)
Amelia Racea (29 August 1994)

Coaches: Daniel Nistor, Florin Cotutiu and Ramona Micu

14 March 2008

Romanian juniors finish 3rd

On the 8th of March, a competition was held in Jesolo, Italy. It was a good opportunity for the Romanian juniors to gain some experience before the European Championships. Showing a high difficulty level on especially beam the girls also endured some falls on the same piece of apparatus.
Ana Porgras impressed most even though she fell on her double front on floor, she showed beautiful dance and flexibility and has good swing and form on bars.
Diana Chelaru has been tipped as one of the most promising juniors for some time due to good results at various competitions. Her beam routine is packed with difficulty, showing a nice split leap combined to a back somersault but she came to grief on her front aerial.
On floor she uses the same music as Andreea Raducan at the 2001 World Championships and showed good acrobatic skills but the dancing still needs to improve. She does have major form issues on bars though.
Loredana Sabau uses the Silivas mount on beam which was nice to see again after many years but she counted two falls in her routine.
Another point of note is that most girls had good form on bars and
a lot of potential.
The youngest of the lot, Amelia Racea performed well on beam, having one balance check after her first skill, a front walkover but also showing a front aerial to back somi and a Nistor.
She also performs a wonderful stalder series on bars.


1. United States: 181.050
2. Italy: 172.100
3. Romania: 166.000
4. Spain: 158.400

Individual results:
1. Jordyn Wieber (USA) 60.900
2. Rebecca Bross (USA) 60.500
3. Paola Galante (ITA) 58.300
4. Rebecca Clark (USA) 57.350
5. Samantha Shapiro (USA) 57.00
6. Elisabetta Preziosa (ITA) 57.00
7. Andrea La Spada (ITA) 56.650
8. Ana Porgras (ROM) 55.850
9. Morgan Smith (USA) 55.800
10.Serena Licchetta (ITA) 55.050
11. Amelia Racea (ROM) 54.950
14. Diana Chelaru (ROM) 53.500
15. Loredana Sabau (ROM) 53.250

7 March 2008

Forminte is satisfied

After the competiton in France, Nicolae Forminte looks back and tells Prosport that it was a
useful competition for all the girls, especially for Dragoi and Acatrinei but also for Sandra, as it was her first competition after Worlds and it will help her confidence. He has, however, noticed a lot of problems with Patrascu on floor and vault and will try to improve that.
Sandra is still competing the same routines as at Europeans but Forminte says that she has had a long recovery period and first she has to perform these routines really well and after that they
will try something new. He adds that it was a difficult period for her and he hopes that now she has found the bigger motivation to push forward.

About the two newcomers, Dragoi and Acatrinei, he says that Dragoi had a very good competition, without mistakes but that she has to train more and enter more competitions to add to her experience. Both girls performed clean routines in France but they were just basic
elements and to be competitive, they need to add more and at the next competitions, they will perform more difficult elements.

All the girls that are in the team at the moment, could do an individual competition. Acatrinei is a gymnast with potential so she, Dragoi and Patrascu will go to a competition mid March.
Steliana has only competed on three apparatus as they didn't want to test her in the individual competition but to let her compete the routines as well as possible with the more difficult elements that have been added. On vault we are trying to 'develop' a little.

Forminte has seen Liukin's bars routine with a SV of 7.5, Steliana has 7.2 so will it be difficult for her to battle for the Olympic gold?
Forminte: 'I have seen Liukin's routine and all I can say is that I prefer security. If Stela does her bars routine perfectly, without hesitation, with a SV of 7.2, and if she will not lose much on execution, I will be extremely satisfied.'

He concludes the chat by saying that slowly but surely he's building a team for the Olympics and that they want to try all possible variations, that's why at a competition in Greece, they will present another team.

4 March 2008

Aluissa Lacusteanu has started training

The good news is that Aluissa Lacusteanu, who got injured during training at the European Championships in Amsterdam last year, has been given the all clear to start training again. After she went back to the clinic in Bologna, she was assured that she is fit to train.
Nicolae Forminte said for Prosport that she has started training, to put more force on her leg now and the fact that she was injured, didn't mean that she didn't do anything, that she stayed away from the gym because she still did strength training to keep her muscle tonus. Forminte: 'She has recovered really well, we trust the specialists from Bologna, so now the only thing left is to get to work. We can't get her back into shape for the Olympics, however, for next year she's an excellent solution.'

1 March 2008

Results France vs Romania

Steliana only competed on three apparatus, vault, bars and beam but she seems in top form on bars and beam, scoring over 16 points on both and now has 7.2 SV on bars.
After a difficult year last year, Sandra Izbasa seems to have picked up on things again, top scoring on both vault and floor, showing a new floor routine with new up tempo music, much to the liking of many supporters in the sold out arena.
Andreea Acatrinei showed good form on beam scoring a 15.2 but her score didn't count in the team result and she fell off bars on her Jaeger.
Big things were expected of Cerasela Patrascu but she still seems to lack the difficulty on three apparatus, except for on bars on which she shows lovely form.
Gabriela Dragoi and Anamaria Tamarjan returned from injuries, the first having upgraded most of her routines and finishing 4th, being second best Romanian behind Sandra.

Team competition:

1. Romania: VT 57.250; UB 60.00; BB 62.40; FX 58.70 Total: 238.35
2. France: VT 56.150; UB 59.200; BB 61.300; FX 58.400 Total: 235.050

Individual Results:

1. Pauline Morel (Fra): VT 14.150; UB 15.350; BB 15.500; FX 14.450 Total: 59.450
2. Sandra Izbasa (Rom): VT 14.750; UB 13.700; BB 15.500; FX 15.450 Total: 59.400
3. Laetitia Dugain (Fra): VT 13.950; UB 15.050; BB 15.400; FX 14.450 Total: 58.850
4. Gabriela Dragoi (Rom): VT 13.750; UB 14.650; BB 15.500; FX 14.350 Total: 58.250
5. Cerasela Patrascu (Rom): VT 13.800; UB 14.900; BB 15.150; FX 13.950 Total: 57.800
6. Marine Petit (Fra): VT 13.950; UB 14.600; BB 14.700; FX 14.450 Total: 57.700
7. Anamaria Tamarjan (Rom): VT 13.750; UB 14.250; BB 14.600; FX 14.600 Total: 57.200
8. Andreea Acatrinei (Rom): VT 14.300; UB 12.950; BB 15.200; FX 14.300 Total: 56.750
9. Isabelle Severino (Fra): VT 14.100; UB 11.500; BB 15.700; FX 15.050 Total: 56.350
10. Steliana Nistor (Rom): VT 14.450; UB 16.200; BB 16.250; FX - Total: 46.900